PPE Product Supply

Hello, and thank you the opportunity to work with you.

PPE Get Now is a company we created to serve businesses and individuals with PPE for their current needs. Our parent company is kulaBrands, Inc. and we have been in business since February, 2016. We have been building a community of entrepreneurs who support inventors, music artists, movie makers and other projects with funding, marketing, and sales. We currently have over 6,700 community members.

We entered into the PPE industry only recently but our community provides us a very large and active network of buyers and sellers alike.

If you'd like us to market your products, we have a questionnaire about your company and products we'd like you to fill out. Please follow this link to our Google Doc information form:

PPE Product Supplier Form

If you would like to learn about our wholesale prices and availability of our current PPE products, please tell us what you're looking for by following this link to this Google Form and sharing the information about your request:

PPE Product Inquiry Form